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MOD On a Mission
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MOD on a Mission is our online newsletter for donors, agency partners, clients, sponsors, staff and the local community. We highlight our partners who are champions in our success, fundraising events, client testimonials, staff and other relevant happenings, recognitions and showcase the commitment of our small army of volunteers.

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Mission of Deeds Newsletter
Winter 2019

  • Presidents Message
  • A Message from our Executive Director
  • Don’t Miss the 2020 Gala, March 7
  • The Medium and the Message
  • In Memoriam
  • Monogram Loves Kids — and MOD!
  • MOD’s Gratitude for Our Corporate Champions
  • One Client’s Gratitude from the Entire Family
  • Client Testimonials, In their Own Words
  • Why We Support Mission of Deeds by Eric and Sally Boemer
  • Calling all Pickup Trucks
  • GuideStar – By the Numbers Showing the Impact of Your Donations